Employment Advice

Employment Advice

Update - The Fair Work Amendement (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 passes Parliament

General Retail Industry Award - 1st July 2017

NEW - Changes to General Retail Industry Award - January 2018

Optometry Australia has developed HR and IR assistance for members as part of your membership with our organisations.

For Employee members:

Optometry Australia can provide information and assistance to all employee members in relation to questions and concerns about employment matters.

Please contact our professional services manager, Luke Arundel on 03 9668 8500 for assistance.

For Employer members:

We recognise that there are potential conflicts of interest as our members are often both the employee and the employer. 

As a result we have sought the external advice of Indigo Legal, to provide services to employer members, under the name Optometry Australia Employer Assist. 

For assistance for HR and IR matters for employers please call  1300 101 391 or visit oa@employerassist.com.au

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