Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Optometry Australia takes out a Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) policy on behalf of all its members. All members are automatically covered under the policy and our premium policy meets, if not exceeds, the minimum coverage required by the Optometry Board.

The policy provides cover for members against claims made against them of negligence or malpractice in the discharge of their professional duties, including indemnification for legal costs incurred in conducting their defence against allegations of negligence. Avant Insurance Limited are the insurer of Optometry Australia's 2016/17 policy. Avant Insurance Limited can be contacted on 1800 128 268 for any enquiries or claims.

Risk management

  • Our Practice Notes page has factsheets on professional indemnity insurance, risk management and a risk management checklist - full of useful tips to help you avoid a claim.
  • Download the 10 minute tutorial by Kathy Gough of Avant.
  • NEW download clinical articles on safe practice written by our AVANT lawyers

More cover

If you need additional indemnity cover or have any questions about the premium cover you have with Optometry Australia contact us on 03 9668 8500 or email 

Received a letter from a solicitor

If you receive a statement of claim alleging negligence from a solicitor you are required to inform Avant immediately. If you would like to speak to Optometry Australia about this first for support you are more than welcome. When you contact Avant (1800 128 268) please specify you are an Optometry Australia member. Avant will likely ask you to provide your opinion and a description of the incident in written format, as well as a copy of all relevant health records in relation to any alleged incident. This is done by completing an incident notification form:

Medico-legal advice

If you need any assistance or advice in how to practice safely, the standard of care or how to manage a patient complaint you can contact your State Division CEO or the National Professional Services Manager. If required we will advise you to contact Avant's in-house legal defence and medico-legal advice team. If you would like to speak with the Medico-legal Advisory Service you can telephone Avant on 1800 128 268. You will need your OA number to access this service.


Did you know that as part of Optometry Australia membership you are provided with unlimited run-off cover. This means that if you change careers or retire the  policy will continue to run into the future even if you cease to be a member. This cover is extremely rare and is worth thousands of dollars as without it you would need to purchase an annual PI policy for many years after your retire from practice. Note this run-off cover is void if you begin to practice again. For more information on the great benefits the Optometry Australia policy provides just for you why don't you contact us. 

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