Optometry NSW/ACT is governed by a Council of members who are elected by the general membership around October each year. As the organisation is a company Limited by Guarantee, the Councillors are in reality Directors of the company, with all the normal obligations of company directors.

Within the Council, there are executive positions which are also directly elected by the membership.

Luke _Cahill

Luke Cahill

Luke graduated from UNSW with a B. Optom in 1981. He practiced as a consulting optometrist in three states of Australia and held a range of optometric leadership and management positions. He served for nine years as a councillor with the West Australian Optometric Association and eight years as a member of the Optometrists Registration Board of Western Australia.

Luke also held the position of National Chairman of Optometry Aid Overseas for 13 years. He is passionate about the pivotal role optometry plays in primary health care and eager to promote the profession more broadly within the allied health community.

Narelle _Hine

Narelle Hine
Senior Vice-President

Narelle is currently a full scope independent optometrist working in the CBD where she has been for the last 17 years. Narelle is also a clinical supervisor for UNSW and immediate national past president of the CCLSA.

Narelle strongly supports the continuing professional development of optometrists’ clinical and business skills post-graduation to maintain both our autonomy and also a high standard of eyecare with a fair rate of remuneration for our skills.

In these times of change, Narelle is concerned that optometrists, through the efforts of Optometry New South Wales/ACT, are aware of the issues and opportunities confronting them and that they proactively join Optometry New South Wales/ACT initiatives that support them and promote their professional advancement.

Christine _Craigie

Christine Craigie
Immediate Past President

Christine graduated from the School of Optometry, University of New South Wales, with First Class Honours. She gained Fellowship of the American Academy of Optometry in 1998.

Christine has owned her independent optometry practice in Sydney since 1987 and has a large contact lens patient base. She had worked in a variety of clinical practices and within a hospital clinic before setting up as an independent. Christine joined ProVision, (or AIO) as it was known back then, in the late eighties.

Christine was the Chairman of the NSW Optometrists Registration Board. She was a key figure in gaining State Government therapeutic recognition of optometrists in NSW, especially in glaucoma co-management. Christine is Vice Chairman of the Board of ProVision, an optometry business services company serving over 370 independent optometry practice owners throughout Australia.

Christine was awarded the Josef Lederer Award for Excellence in Optometry in 2000 by the OAA (NSW/ACT Division).

In her spare time Christine is a licensed Avatar master delivering a personal development course in a number of countries. She enjoys the theatre, arts and French cooking.

Carina _Trinh

Carina Trinh

Carina is the Chair of Young Optometrists that supports optometry students and optometrists within their first 10 years of practice. She currently practices in a dynamic independent practice in Ryde.

She graduated from UNSW in 2011, then moved to Dubbo as a fresh graduate to gain experience in a regional independent practice where she also served rural towns, conducted domiciliary visits, and served in Aboriginal clinics.

Carina has a passion for equal access to eye care for all regardless of socioeconomic, geographical, and racial factors. She is also passionate about providing optometrists with opportunities to develop their careers through a collegial environment. Carina addresses these values through her work with Eyes4Everest and Young Optometrists.

She feels that it is imperative to continually work together in order to ensure that optometry as a profession remains an effective and viable career, therefore providing optimal eye care for all Australians, and beyond.

Steve _Zantos

Steve Zantos
National Councillor

Steve is a Past-President of the NSW OAA, and he has served on various committees for many years. He is also a Past-President of the Contact Lens Society of Australia, and has been involved with many professional organisations in Australia and the USA.

Steve is the Optometry Services Manager at Vision Eye Institute in Sydney. From 1995 to 2012 he was an Optometric Adviser to Medicare Australia. Previously, Steve was Director of Clinical Research at Bausch and Lomb’s Contact Lens Division in the USA, and later he was Professor of Clinical Optometry at UNSW where he directed the Master of Optometry program.

His research interests and lectures have dealt with the physiology, pathology, and photography of the anterior eye, particularly in relation to contact lens wear and refractive surgery. He has lectured in many countries around the world.

Jules Baggoley

Peter Herse

Margaret _Lam

Margaret Lam

Margaret Lam graduated from the University of New South Wales in 2001. She started theeyecarecompany in 2005, a small group of successful independent optometry practices that focus on professional eyecare across locations in greater Sydney and Sydney CBD. She practices full scope optometry, but with a passionate interest in all aspects of contact lenses, retail aspects of optometry and successful patient communication. She has extensive experience in specialty contact lens fitting including corneal ectasia, keratoconus and orthokeratology, and has been a past recipient of the Neville Fulthorpe Award for Clinical Excellence.

Her experience includes working in independent practices, as a locum optometrist, in chain practices and corporate multinational optometry practices, and she enjoys her work mentoring optometry students in optometric practice and specialty contact lens fitting. Margaret is also a visiting lecturer that teaches part of the Undergraduate degree for Optometry and the Postgraduate Masters degree in Advanced Contact Lenses for the University of New South Wales, on topics covering aspects of optometric practice, specialty contact lenses, and optometry in its role working with other heathcare professionals. Margaret also works in several advisory roles with leading contact lens companies, and is a regular columnist for the optometry trade journal mivision and writes for Australian Optometry.

She currently serves as the State President of the Cornea and Contact Lens Society of Australia for NSW, the Optometry Board of Councillors for Optometry Australia in NSW/ACT division, and is also an extensive public speaker on topics spanning business building, retail aspects of optometry, contact lenses, specialty contact lenses, and patient communication.

In addition to her commitments to optometry, she has a big heart for her young children Dexter and Tilly.

Tony _Lord

Tony Lord

Tony graduated from UNSW in 1974. He practiced in Sydney and the UK prior to returning to rural NSW, where he has set up a group of practices in and around the Riverina with business partner Phil Wells.

Tony has been a member of the NSW/ACT Division Council since 1990 and was President from 1993-1996. Tony was also National Councillor from 1998 to 2008. Tony received Life Membership of the Division in 2009.

Tony was involved in many of the negotiations leading to the proclamation of the current NSW Optometrists Act in 2002.

He would like to see the profession develop further and enhance the scope and standard of service while maintaining our core services. Having been involved in many committees of the Association, Tony is aware of the need to represent all members of the profession.

Katrina _Ong

Katrina Ong

Katrina has been employed as an optometrist, practised as a locum optometrist, and at present owns and manages an independent optometry practice in Sydney and supervises at UNSW. Katrina has been on the NSW/ACT Division Council for 4 years and is a member of ACBO. Katrina is passionate about our profession and enjoys every aspect of it. She is especially concerned about the future of independent optometrists and would very much like to get others involved in progressing optometry.

Katrina is keen to open up the profession to the community and share with them the diversity of optometry and our role as primary eyecare providers.

Fiona _Stapleton

Fiona Stapleton
Councillor & Head of School

Fiona was appointed Head of the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of New South Wales in 2007 and she also acts as Senior Research Associate at the Brien Holden Vision Institute at the University of New South Wales. She has been a member of Council since 2004 with a particular interest in therapeutics, contact lenses and helping to develop the next generation of optometrists. She was trained in the UK and has worked mainly in hospital and private practice and later in academia. Her current clinical interests are in contact lens practice and therapeutics.

Fiona is passionate about her research in the area of contact lens related disease and ocular surface and has published over 150 peer-reviewed papers. Other contributions include 15 book chapters and 1 book. She has also presented over 300 abstracts at national and international conferences. She has received several awards for both her research and for her contribution to postgraduate research education. In the last 5 years, these have included; the Ian Frazer Cup for the best clinical research, College of Ophthalmologists, UK, 2007; the University of New South Wales Vice-Chancellors Award for Teaching Excellence (Postgraduate Research Supervision), 2008; British Contact Lens Association Dallos Award (with Nicole Carnt), 2009; University of Houston College of Optometry Award for Distinguished Research on Cornea and Contact Lenses, 2011; British Contact Lens Association Pioneers award, 2012 and the American Optometric Foundation Max Shapero Award, 2012.

Outside of work, Fiona has an 8 year old daughter and enjoys running, albeit very slowly.


Angelica Ly

Angelica is Integrated Care Coordinator and Principal Optometrist at the Centre for Eye Health. She has a passion for evidence-based optometry, ocular disease and clinical research. Her areas of interest include pigmented fundus lesions and macular disease.  Angelica is also currently undertaking a PhD on "Multimodal evaluation of macular structure and function in age-related macular degeneration," and was recently granted fellowship of the American Academy of Optometry.  As well as presenting at ARVO and Australian based optometry conferences and events, she has had articles published in Optometry and Vision Science and Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics.

Margaret Zhong