In Focus by Andrew McKinnon

Did You Make it to SILMO & Super Sunday 2017?



Super Sunday 2017 attracted a record crowd of 551 registrants – thanks to all of you who attended! Feedback from our post-event survey indicated some issues with the new venue (which we were well aware of on the day) but the speakers and topics again rated very highly... and we got some excellent ideas for 2018!

Judging from my discussions with exhibitors and delegates at SILMO, it was a strong success. Visitor numbers were certainly a bit lower than hoped for, but the constant message I got from exhibitors was that the people who attended were quality customers who were ready and willing to buy. 

In terms of the delegates, most missed the equipment suppliers, but felt that the other exhibitors offered a good range of different stock and they were enthused by what they saw.

New Penalty Rate Arrangements for General Retail Industry Award Staff

The Fair Work Commission has announced a reduction in penalty rates for General Retail Industry Award staff for Sunday and public holiday work. NOTE, the changes have not yet been implemented. At present all payments to staff remain as they are. The Commission has scheduled a phased reduction in penalty rates to start from 1 July 2017. We will keep you advised as we get closer to that date.

16th Annual Cornea & Contact Lens Congress 2017 - See the Light

The Congress is being held in Sydney from 8-10 September 21017. For more information please click here.

Your Association - Our Support for You

A member contacted us with a very interesting question – what evidence was there to guide her in deciding whether or not to operate an IPL device whilst pregnant? The answer was not readily available from the manufacturer, so we went digging. This is the advice we offered:

I have done an intensive literature search and have not found anything that suggests that the operator of IPL treatment is at any risk of harm from the radiation that is produced except if the light was to shine in their eyes.  Some dermatologists regard pregnancy as a contraindication for IPL but it seems to me that this is more as a precaution rather than from evidence that IPL is a known source of injury to either the mother or the foetus. Their claim is that, “The hormonal changes of pregnancy can alter the effect of the broad band light therapy and result in stimulation of pigmentation, and accelerate or precipitate melasma”, however there are a number of studies that have found virtually the opposite, namely that IPL is a safe treatment of melasma during pregnancy.  

I suspect that the concerns expressed by some IPL operators about treating women also stems from the fact that the treatment is used for depilation in the pubic area which obviously is near the unborn baby.

I contacted Professor Dain, who is an expert in all things related to light, and he advised that the danger of IPL is primarily to the eyes but he had no knowledge of its effects in pregnancy   He seemed to think it unlikely that there would be any problems related to pregnancy. For more information, he suggests looking at the following standards and the references they contain 

ISO 12609-1: 2013 Eyewear for protection against intense light sources used on humans and animals for cosmetic and medical applications  Part 1: Specifications for products

ISO 12609-2: 2013 Eyewear for protection against intense light sources used on humans and animals for cosmetic and medical

In summary; it would be surprising if IPL was any more a danger in pregnancy to operators or people in the vicinity than it is in other circumstances and that danger relates to eye injuries. It might be wise to avoid IPL as a treatment in pregnancy until more is known.

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YWAM Medical Ships

YWAM Medical ships have a number of outreach opportunities for optometrists who wish to assist the people of PNG. For details on the upcoming trips click the image below.


Visiting Optometrists Scheme

The Visiting Optometrists Scheme is seeking expressions of interest from optometrists who may be interested in providing services to some of their outreach centres. For further information, click here.