In Focus by Andrew McKinnon

General Retail Industry Award (GRIA) Variation - Casual Employees

The GRIA has been varied to make it clear that casual employees are entitled to overtime payments of 1.5 (first two hours) and 2 times the ordinary hourly rate of pay (inclusive of casual loading) where they work more than an average of 38 hours each week over a roster cycle or in excess of the daily maximum hours of work. Usually between 9 and 12 hours per day. The General Retail Industry Award also provides overtime payment where the casual employee works outside the span of ordinary hours.

The OA NSW/ACT Ski Conference is Back!

After an absence of several years, the ski conference returns to a mountain near you! August 24-26, Thredbo. More details to follow, but ink it into your diary now!

Optometry Giving Sight - Some Big News!

First Australian Membership of the Optometry Giving Sight Chairman's Club.

The global eyecare charity Optometry Giving Sight has announced the first Australian practitioner membership, Dr Tony & Mrs Vicki Hanks of Port Macquarie, NSW, to their highest level of recognition in the Chairman’s Club. Warmest congratulations to Tony & Vicki on this prestigious recognition!


World Glaucoma Week

WGW starts next Monday, 12 March! Why not host a Big Breakfast to help support a great cause and promote awareness of glaucoma in your community? It’s easy to do – just click here for details.

Your Own Practice - Seminar Video

Late last year the Division ran a seminar on getting into your own independent practice. The video of the seminar is available to view here.

Your Association - Our Support for You

Each month we bring you a short article about things that the Association is doing to support members.

This one actually involves a member who saw the direct benefit of attending our Super Sunday conference a couple of years ago:

I wanted to say thank you to the Super Sunday team, who put the Mental Health plenary session onto the program two years ago. 

Just before Christmas, I had a patient declare that they were planning to end their life during their routine eye examination. The information that I learnt during the plenary session a few years ago gave me the confidence to ask her more questions and then get her to the right critical care team. The next day she called me to say thank you and to let me know that she had handed in her cache of tablets, was staying with a friend and was getting specialist assistance.  

I don't think I would have known quite what to do without having attended that plenary session, so thank you very much for putting the mental health session on the agenda. 

That is genuinely a great story – with, thankfully, a very happy ending. 

As we say, the Association is here to safeguard and enhance your interests. We have extensive expertise, backed by specialist professional resources. That’s why you belong!