In Focus by Andrew McKinnon 20/10/17

Optometry NSW/ACT is Now on Facebook

Into Facebook? Optometry NSW/ACT has a spanking new Facebook page! You can Like Us, Follow Us and keep track of us for updates on CPD events, vision standards, news and all things optometry related.


Sensational Diabetes Update at Canberra Conference

On a spectacular Canberra Spring day, over 50 optometrists gathered at the National Gallery for a genuinely outstanding update day on Diabetes. We can say that 'genuinely' because that’s the feedback we received from the delegates.

One of the highlights of the day was a presentation from Aunty Mary, an indigenous elder who has lost her sight due to diabetic retinopathy. With help from Guide Dogs NSW/ACT she is now an ambassador for her people who are also suffering sight-threatening illnesses.



Optometry delegates supporting Aunty Mary’s 20m (and growing) Sight Scarf

Tech Alert - New Email Phishing Scam

There is a new email phishing scam circulating that purports to be from NetFlix and requests that you login to NetFlix and update your details.

If you click the link in the email, you will be presented with a fake version of the Netflix login page that looks very similar to the real page, however, if you enter your credentials they will be captured by hackers. Once the information is submitted, you will be redirected back to Netflix so there is no real clue that you've been scammed. For more information about the scam refer to this ZDNet article.

There is also a similar scam running on Facebook, so be very aware of what you are clicking on please!

Roads & Maritime Services - Correction to Assessing Fitness to Drive Handbook

Roads and Maritime Services have released a correction to the Assessing Fitness to Drive handbook. The changes correct information on the use of telescopic lenses (bioptic lenses) and electronic aids. For the document click here.

New Chairside Reference Guides from CFEH

Our colleagues at the Centre for Eye Health have released two new guides on Pigmented Retinal Lesions and Hypo-Pigmented Lesions. Click on the links to be taken to the guides. Additional Chairside References, Condition Spotlights and information on past and upcoming webinars from CFEH may be found by clicking here.

YWAM Medical Ships Outreach in PNG

YWAM Medical Ships have many upcoming volunteer opportunities for optometrists to join us on outreach in PNG during the last quarter of 2017 through to May 2018. 

More information about outreaches on board the MV YWAM PNG with YWAM Medical Ships is available on our website. Also, interested members can call (07) 4771 2123 or email our team. 

Your Association - Our Support for You

Each month we bring you a short article about things that the Association is doing to support members.

We all hope never to encounter these sorts of circumstances, but occasionally they arise.

A colleague has a staff member who has been absent on sick leave for a very considerable amount of time, spread over several months. After spending a lot of time trying to understand and support the staff member, the optometrist has come to the conclusion that a parting of the ways needs to occur. This is no easy matter – and one fraught with danger if handled incorrectly.

Fortunately the optometrist contacted the Association for advice BEFORE they took action. We have been able to work through the issue with the optometrist, ensuring that they have all the information required to back their decision and then stepping them through the process in detail to ensure that they have the best answer possible if they are later accused of behaving inappropriately. Our advice was backed up by input from the Association’s expert legal team.

As we say, the Association is here to safeguard and enhance your interests. We have extensive expertise, backed by specialist professional resources. That’s why you belong!