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Welcome to Ten Minute Tutes, a podcast series brought to you by Optometry NSW/ACT and presented by the foremost experts from all over Australia.


Date Topic & Speaker
07/12/2018 Topic and Speaker
09/11/2018 Topic and Speaker
12/10/2018 Topic and Speaker
14/09/2018 Topic and Speaker
17/08/2018 Topic and Speaker
20/07/2018 Topic and Speaker
22/06/2018 Topic and Speaker
25/05/2018 Topic and Speaker
27/04/2018 Topic and Speaker
30/03/2018 Topic and Speaker
02/03/2018 Topic and Speaker

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Instructions for Listening:

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About Ten Minute Tutes:

Ten Minute Tutes are windows to other worlds - short, punchy tutorials on all things optometric: from basic clinical teaching, to clinical case studies, to eye care oddities, to lessons on coping with Medicare or juggling the difficulties of professional practice.

We'll release a new podcast every month, while previous podcasts will continue to be available for download and listening via our website.

We hope you enjoy Ten Minute Tutes and look forward to your feedback and suggestions for new topics. Please send any ideas you may have to joe@oaansw.com.au.