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For Sale/Lease: Equipment

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Unicos Auto Ref/Kera

For Sale Auto Ref/Kera Unicos brand with motorized table almost new for $4500. Other items for sale includes: Topcon Lensmetre, Portable Slit Lamp, Refractor Head, chair and Stand, Reichert Tonopen, Righton Retinomax. Please contact Edwin on 0401281788. SMS is preferred. [180518]


Miscellaneous Items For Sale

Consulting room - Topcon Keratometer, Trial Lens set, Maddox wing, Ishihara Colour chart, lensmeter. Retail - Frame display, Display cabinet, acrylic frame display, chrome poster stand, two lit up signages. Dispensing - Nidek autorefractor tonoref 2, Job trays, frame heater, PD meter, lensmeter. Stock - Single vision uncoat and coated lens, miscellaneous stock frames, branded frames. Please contact us via email for further details. [180518]

Nidek Edger, Blocker, Topcon Lensmeter and Other Edging Equipment

Rare Gem! Nidek Edger LE1000 in good condition, Nidek Ice mini plus Blocker, digital blocker, Rimless Lens Hole Driller, Screw driller for frames, Nidek Auto lens meter with a printer, Also individual Lens Polisher, Lens cutter/grover for Nylon lens, Topcon Lens meter, Manual Blocker and UV tester. Please contact us via email for further details. [180518]


Carl Zeiss Matrix Visual Field Analyser and Nidek Handheld Autorefractor

Carl Zeiss Matrix Visual field Analyser for sale. Nidek Nidek AR-20ST1, Handheld portable autorefractor keratometer. Please contact us via email for further details. [180518]


Topcon Phoropter, Topcon Slit lamp, Topcon Chart Projector For Sale

Consult room setup for sale. Topcon Phoropter, Topcon Slit lamp, Topcon chart projector, Nikon Goldman tonometer. Please contact us via email for further details. [180518]


Topcon TRC NW6 Non Mydriatic Fundus Camera

Topcon TRC NW6 retinal camera with Nikon D100 SLR. Complete set up with a Dell laptop, Nikon Capture software and editing software. Modern instrument in perfect working order, $5000. Contact Daniel on 0411 244 661 or via email. [180518]


Gonio Volk lens

Gonio three mirror G-3 goniofundus lens $600. (ANF - no coupling fluid required), can use as gonio and to view peripheral fundus. Perfect condition. Hardly used. Can be posted. Can forward photos if required. Contact Amy via email. [180518]

Topcon Keratometer Model OM-4

Topcon Keratometer Model OM-4 for sale. Instrument is in great condition. Owned since new. No longer required as been replaced with brand new Auto-Refractor/Keratometer. Includes full complement of brand new replacement bulbs. No chin-rest available. Sale price $750 plus GST or nearest offer. Contact Domenic on 0405 128 520. Pictures available on request. [230418]



Canon Digital Retinal Camera X 2 Models CR6-45NM and CR-DGI

Two Canon Digital Retinal cameras for sale models CR6-45NM and CR-DGI Both are non-mydriatic models in fantastic condition and come with PC's and OPTOMISE software. These cameras produce an excellent 45 degree field of view image. Price $1,000 or nearest offer. Contact Peter via email. [230418]

Display Furniture

Frame display pedastal and a separate dispensing table with attached pedastal. Custom made and suitable to put feature displays on each pedastal. Photos available. Speckled dark blue with brushed aluminum highlights. $100 for both. Contact Tony on 0417 485 027 or send an email. [230218]

Forge High & Low Myopia OrthoK Trial OKLenses

Forge orthokeratology high and low myopia trial lens set both together for $1,100. All Lenses 90% untouched. This is to be used with EYESPACE. Contact Gan on 0408 089 706 or send an email. [230218]


Kowa Non-Myd a-D III Funda Camera 8300

Fundus Camera for sale, operating software disc currently used with Windows 7. Being sold due to purchase of OCT/Camera combination. $9,900 including GST. Contact Darren via email. [031117]



Consulting Room Equipment

Retinal camera Cannon CR-DGi non Mydriatic with Cannon EOS 30D DSLR. Auto Refractor Keratometer Cannon RK-5. Slit lamp NIKKON FS-3 zoom photo slit lamp with Sony color video camera. Non contact tonometer keeler pulsair 3000. Projector chart shin Nippon CP-30. Rodenstock phoromat 501 computerised refractor chair stand table. Zeiss i terminal Marcoo RTA 5. Please contact David on 0414 243 065 or via email. [031117]



Instrument Table

Topcon instrument table with wide top for two instruments. Dimension of table 900 X 450. In good working order, however, there are some screw holes in the table which would mostly be hidden by instruments. $400. Contact Glen via email or on 0422 811 838. [061017]