Professional Development/Events

NSW/ACT Webinars

Optometry NSW/ACT webinars:

The Ultimate Guide to Your Own Optometry Practice

Date: November 2017

Everything you need to know about getting into your own independent optometry practice



Blinded by the Price: Selling Your Practice for Fun & Profit

Date: August 2016

Are you considering selling your practice, either now or in the foreseeable future? Would you like to learn what it is that you need to do in order to get your practice market (and buyer) ready? Then join us for a most informative event, covering:

Preparation at the Start
Physical presentation; The lease; Practice records; Removing poor financial practices.

Understanding practice value (multiples); Data required; Why get a professional valuation?; What’s in a valuation anyway?

Due Diligence
What does it mean?; Why do I need it?; What could DD uncover that I wouldn’t otherwise know about?

Agents & Agency
What an agent/broker does; Why would you use an agent?; What’s in an agency agreement?

Who are you selling to? Partners or associates? External private buyers? External group/equity buyers?

The Buyer – What do they Need
Appraisal; Accounts; Practice records; What are they buying? Shares? Trust? Outright purchase?

Succession Planning
Think now, not when you want to sell; Consider tax implications of the sale.

Case Study of a Successful Practice Sale



Property Investment Seminar

Date: July 2016
Details: Australians have long relied on property as a source of wealth, however many investors struggle with their first investment purchase. A staggering number of people find it so hard they never purchase more than a single property.

Join Guild Financial Planning, in conjunction with Optometry NSW/ACT for an intimate workshop presented by investment property specialists, Aviate Group.

This property workshop will help give you the knowledge and confidence in your own ability to invest. Meeting with like-minded people in the property investment community can provide a source of guidance towards making wealth-creation decisions that benefit your financial goals.


What to Look For When Buying an Optometry Practice

Date: November 2015

Have you ever thought about buying or starting a practice but didn’t know who to ask or where to get key information? Join us for a most informative event, covering:

Buying Rather than Establishing

What to Look for When Buying

So You Need to Refurb - What Could It Cost & What's Involved?

Found One! How Do I Pay for It?



The Definitive Medicare Seminar

Date: February 2015
Details: Simon Hanna, Joe Chakman, Steve Zantos, Malinda Halley and Nick Papadopoulos run through Medicare's recent changes (originally published by Fairchild Media on 18 Feb 2015).