SA Blue Sky Congress


At SA Blue Sky Congress we pride ourselves on asking the tricky questions and listening to your answers. The result is a congress with ever-changing features in response to delegate feedback and a package to suit your needs.

  • Free on-site crèche - earn brownie points by providing your partner with time to relax while SA Blue Sky Congress looks after your kids
  • Everything on a memory stick to peruse later at your leisure
  • Specially tailored notebook for you to jot down key points
  • We can charge your iPhone on request

  • Baggage care - leave coats, bags and umbrellas under lock and key when you register

  • A themed, entertaining congress so you can whistle while you work!

  • Stretch breaks to keep you fresh and nimble for maximum learning and minimal backside ache

  • Proof of attendance
  • Shuttle bus service between the resort and the airport

What else is on at SA Blue Sky Congress 2018?

Taking valuable time out of your practice is always problematic. At SA Blue Sky Congress there are plenty of opportunities over and above the education for you to enjoy while you're here. We invite you to make the most of the those presented to improve your practice, network with friends and colleagues or just enjoy a well-earned chillax.

Social event - we all need to live a bit every now and then so come and join us for an entertaining evening ! This year we will be having a little knees up straight after the last session on Friday.  This will allow you to catch up with friends for dinner after, or even have a nice quiet evening in.

Presentations on a take home memory stick

At SA Blue Sky Congress we do not provide delegates with the traditional satchel stuffed with promotional pamphlets and lecture notes to lug around (although you will get a bag of essential goodies). Delegates tell us that these only end up in the bin or on the shelf collecting dust. Instead delegates will be able to go to their memory stick to review all the presentation material provided by the speakers (where authorised by the speaker) and some other promotional and general information from sponsors and Congress organisers. This provides you with an opportunity to take another look at the photographs or statistics at your leisure. Take advantage of the stick (4 GB and shaped like a credit card to slip easily into your wallet) to store digital images and resources provided by our exhibitors.                                                                                   

Formative interactive learning

At SA Blue Sky Congress we recognise that adults learn more if they are involved in their own learning experience and are provided with an opportunity to reflect on what they know already. Formative assessment will provide delegates with an oppotunity to interact with the speaker by telling them what they would do in a given situation, or what they think an answer to a clinical question might be. This information (collated from all the delegates and displayed on the screen as a bar chart) allows the speaker to share the most relevant information and also provides delegates with a timely reminder of where their knowledge falls short so they can prick up their ears and concentrate!

Each delegate will need to have their own smartphone for our new interactive presentation software (but don't stress if you still have your old favourite Nokia, will will work around this).

Formative assessment if proven to provide better learning in addition to ensuring you have picked up the key points and can breeze out of congress knowing that you've learned something new and have got those extra CPD points in the bag. This is how it works.

During each lecture, the presenter will (from time-to-time) display a multiple choice question on the screen for you to consider. You will have approximately 20 seconds per question to identify your answer. You will record your answer using your smartphone (or alternative), pressing A, B, C or D. During the 20 second polling period for each question, you can change your mind as many times as you want. At the end of 20 seconds when polling closes, the smartphone will record the very last option you keyed in as your preferred answer. The speaker will get feedback on which answers the delegates selected and will provide comment and additional explanation to ensure everyone understands and walks away knowing the correct answer. The questions will focus on the key points that will be useful to you in the delivery of best patient care back in your practice.


In your congress bag, you will also receive a branded notebook with a page for each lecture to help keep notes nice and organised. They are also a lot easier to find at a later date compared to all those random bits of paper stashed into binders! If you intend to take copious notes, you will need to bring your own A4 pad. A pen will also be provided.

An entertaining congress

At SA Blue Sky Congress we provide world class education and learning. But we also think learning should be fun and try to reduce the yawnfest factor as much as possible. Research confirms that adults learn more and remember it for longer when they are happy and having fun. It is a feature that keeps bringing our regulars back - be prepared for music, magic and a bit of fun to help the day along.

In the past we have utilised an airline theme and Star Trek. In 2011, Monkey Business came to SA Blue Sky Congress! In 2012, Bond was a great hit! In 2013 we had a gentler thespian theme where Shakespeare and Black Adder ran amock to entertain. 2014 took the lid off the box of the psychadelic '60s and everything that era entailed! 2015 was full of gansters and flappers with the Roaring '20s!  2016 took delegates back to their university days with a toga party and all things Roman. 2017 was a time travelling adventure. This year we again stepping back in time to the rough and tumble Wild West, so get your stetson out and tie your horse to the hitching post!

Stretch breaks

Research demonstrates that we switch off eventually when we sit and listen for long periods of time, however hard we try and regardless of how interesting the speaker. To help keep you alert and comfortable, at SA Blue Sky Congress we have mini stretch breaks between long lectures during which you are invited to stand up and join us in exercises to music and video. In the afternoon session, exercises are led by a mystery guest - in 2012 it was Pussy Galore: in 2013 it was "Bottom" out of Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream: who will strutt their stuff in 2018?

Proof of attendance

As an OBA approved provider, OSA will report the CPD points earned by all the OA members attending directly to the OBA CPD accreditation and recording agency (Eye on CPD). If you are an OA member, your points will automatically be updated to your CPD tally on your member portal. Non OA members will be supplied with a Certificate of your attendance and relevant points earned for your records. Given how close to OBA registration renewal SA Blue Sky Congress 2018 is, OSA will be completing plenty of pre-work to ensure that your points are declared in time for completing your OBA registration renewal before 30 November.

Shuttle bus

Building on our experience and with the knowledge that the vast majority of delegates will be staying at Hahndorf or immediate surrounds, we will be offerring a simple shuttle bus service to help you get around.


Thursday early afternoon and evening from the airport to the venue and Hahndorf hotels.

Friday morning from the airport to the venue

Saturday after congress from the venue to the airport.

You can book your bus when you register for a fee of $20 (a taxi ride for the same distance is $80) - note the time of the buses when booking your flights.

More information on the buses will be posted at a later date.

Special dietary requirements

Despite travelling in a covered wagon, we are not mind-readers! If there is something you cannot eat for medical, religious or cultural reasons, you need to let us know in advance so that we can be sure your needs are catered for. Just identify your needs when you register or call Nic on (08) 8372 7814.