SA Blue Sky Congress


What to expect

Whilst SA Blue Sky Congress is known for its relaxed and entertaining style, our foundation continues to be our reputation for quality education based on adult learning principles which encourage you to participate in your learning process. Our presenters are briefed to speak on something they are passionate about. They are also instructed to provide key take-home messages that you can implement in your consulting room the very next day.

Formative assessment is a well-established, best-practice methodology in adult learning and has been proven to significantly enhance delegate attainment of learning objectives. It provides an opportunity for the speaker to both assess the current knowledge of the audience and to monitor their learning as the presentation progresses, with the added bonus of being able to adjust the presentation, stress key points and repeat important messages as required. The process of using your smartphone (or alternative) will provide you with an opportunity to reflect on what you would do in a given situation posed by the presenter and also allows you to identify what you need to know more about (so you can prick up your ears accordingly!). 

Research has proven that adults learn more and remember new information for longer if they are enjoying themselves. This is why we intersperse our lectures with stretch exercises to invigorating music, magic and humour.

What our delegates say

"I have attended Blue Sky Congresses in 2012, 2013 and 2014. I registered for the 2015 Blue Sky Congress as soon as registration was open as I wouldn’t want to miss out!”

"I believe Blue Sky is the best conference in Australasia. The international and local speakers continually give interesting and thought-provoking presentations. The Blue Sky committee go beyond any other conference I have ever been to - the theme runs clearly through the skits during the day, the MC jokes, the decorations etc. The fun & laughs keep a smile on everyone’s face and almost wishing the day wouldn’t end (no easy task after a whole day of intense educational lectures). Blue Sky rocks! Go just once and you will be forever returning!"  Christine Musson - optometrist - New Zealand

We also have a selection of delegate, speaker and trade exhibitor interviews on Youtube – click here to listen to our library

Our speakers, programme and learning objectives

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Dr Blair Lonsberry

Dr Simon Chen

Dr Jem Ninan

Dr Adam Rudkin

Dr Edward Greenrod

Dr Dania Qatarnah

Dr Joanna Black

Dr James Muecke

Assoc. Prof. Daryl Guest

Ms Nicola Peaper

Dr James Slattery