Changing Membership Status

If at any time, you decide to change your membership status, please inform us so we can make the relevant amends to your records.

You can go up or down in membership type - there will be additional fees due to be charged or refunded, on a pro-rata basis and dependant on when during the 12 months membership the change occurs.  For further information, please call the Optometry Western Australia office on (08) 9321 2300

Current Optometry Western Australia Membership Fees 2018-2019

Membership Type Fee Comments
Full Time $2195 17 hrs per weekor more
Part Time $1760 5-16 hrs per week
Minimal Practice $1195 4 hrs per week or less
Recent Graduate $1760 Recently graduated
Immediate Graduate $ Nil Immediately graduated




*Fee calculated on a pro rata basis if you change your membership status during the 2018-2019 term.