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Optometry Western Australia - Regional CPD Evenings 2019
This year we have increased the number of Regional CPD Evenings to include extra dates and an additional location of Mandurah as well as Bunbury. Open to all Optometry Western Australia members that wish to attend the regional locations. If you live south of the river in Perth, consider driving South for your CPD points rather than battling the traffic to Nedlands for our Perth CPD evenings. 


Date:             MONDAY 25TH MARCH 2019   REGISTRATION OPEN

Venue           Mandurah Eye Centre, Suite 1, Doctors Consulting Suites Peel Health Campus, 
110 Lakes Rd, MANDURAH, WA 6210

Presenters    Dr Kevin Chee & Dr William Ward
Topic:             Anterior Viral Eye Disease – Dr Kevin Chee
Topic:            A Clinical Potpourri of Interesting Cases – Dr William Ward

CPD Points:          3  
The Learning Objectives of this talk are

1.           Management of herpes simplex epithelial keratitis
2.           Recognise the different manifestations of herpetic eye disease
3.           Appreciate the significance of Hutchinson's sign in herpes zoster ophthalmicus

The Learning Objectives of this talk are
1.           Understanding the insights on strabismus
2.           Understanding examination techniques
3.           Understanding MRI findings

Schedule:   6:00pm   Registration, canapés & drinks    6:30pm   Presentation    8.00pm   Finish 

Dates for 2019

Wednesday 13th March 
Monday 25th March
Monday 4th June - Date Change
Monday 24th June