Professional Development / Events

Get all your CPD points at WAVE 2018
WAVE provides the opportunity of earning up to 42 CPD points - enough to meet the requirements set by the Optometry Board of Australia for both overall and therapeutic points (up to 28T).    

OPTIONAL assessment will again be available to assist in obtaining maximum CPD points for the event. You will receive a small electronic keypad to register your attendance at each session. Answer the optional multiple choice questions at the end of each session to earn more CPD points.  To receive points for the assessment, you need to correctly answer 70% of the assessment questions. The assessment lectures are intended to make your education experience easy and enjoyable. It’s never been easier to get your points! 

OPTIONAL assessment will be available at WAVE to help you maximize your CPD points. 

  • Register your attendance at each session to receive the base number of CPD points. 
  • Answer the OPTIONAL multiple choice questions at the end of most sessions for further points.
  • If you don't want to participate in the assessment questions you don't have to.

If you plan ahead, you can accrue the maximum CPD points available AND enjoy the Trade Exhibition and still have time for the Saturday Night Sundowner drinks at the Matisse Beach Club next door to the Rendezvous Scarborough Beach Hotel. 

Understanding CPD Points
Following the Optometry Board of Australia guidelines; 

  • Lectures Per Hour 2 points
  • Assessed Lecture Per Hour 3 points 
  • Clinical Workshops with Assessment Per Hour 3 points
  • Non-Clinical Workshops without Assessment Per Hour 1 point

Possible Points per day at WAVE 2017

  • Saturday 11th - 21 points
  • Sunday 13th -  14-22 points 
  • Therapeutic Total Points up to 28T points

These figures are inclusive of the base attendance points PLUS bonus points from answering the assessment questions correctly. You would get a maximum if you attended all offered session and undertook, and passed, all assessments, (based on 70% correct).