Your Child's Eyes

Your Child's Eyes

Children's Vision Campaign

Information for Optometrists

Did you know that 1 in 5 children has an undetected vision problem?

These rarely threaten a child's sight but they can prevent their development and can interfere with learning, inhibit sport participation, or create general frustration. Many children's vision problems cannot be easily detected by parents or teachers and are often mistaken for other problems.

As a practising optometrist you understand how crucial early detection of vision problems can be in treatment and prevention. Through the Children's Vision campaign we aim to educate both teachers and parents about the importance of regular eye checks.

The Children's Vision Campaign is a public awareness and education campaign that provides an opportunity for schools to help educate students and parents about the importance of having regular eye checks with an Optometrist and the role vision plays in learning. Children’s Vision Day will be held in 2014. A date has not been set as yet.  

The campaign engages schools to get involved by ordering materials and running activities to help celebrate the day.

You will be able to participate in this campaign by ordering free materials and resources that may be used to educate parents about the importance of healthy vision. Get involved in the campaign by displaying the poster and parent guide brochure in your practice, and include parent guide brochures in recall notices for parents.
2014 free materials and resources are not yet available - check back later for further details.

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