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Optometry NSW/ACT’s management committees ensure that our services are led by optometrists, for optometrists. Committee members bring a range of expertise and skills to the role and provide leadership and operational insights to advance specific projects and activities, and to support the work of the secretariat.

CommitteePurposeCommittee members
Advanced Skills CommitteeThis committee aims to improve how we can work together to better recognise specialty skills within our optometry profession and encourage their development.Margaret Lam (Co-chair)
Narelle Hine (Co-chair
A number of other industry professionals
CPD Education CommitteeThis committee strives to develop and deliver optometry-led events and conferences that are relevant, current and affordable, providing a stellar line-up of presenters and engaging speakers. Peter Herse (Chair)
Paula Katalinic
Audrey Molloy
Katrina Ong
Membership Engagement CommitteeThis committee focuses on engaging with optometrists across all sectors of our membership. It also works on developing a range of strategies to recruit new members and retain existing members. Carina Trinh (Chair)
Audrey Molloy
Steve Zantos
Margaret Lam
Impact of New Technologies CommitteeThis committee aims to identify the impact of new technologies on the optometry profession and to develop strategies to leverage off and protect our members from these technologies. Audrey Molloy (Chair)
Joe Chakman
Paula Katalinic
Alex Koutsokeras
Simon Allen
Joyce Chang
Michael Yapp
Daniel He
Phil Anderton
Early Career Optometrists NSW/ACTThe ECONA committee has been formed to engage with, support and represent the growing number of early career optometrists that make up membership of Optometry NSW/ACT.Lauren Hutchinson
Alex Koutsokeras
Sue Kweon
Lowana Littlechild
Jack Phu
Daniel Rafla
Wendy Saw
Phoebe Wong
Margaret Zhong


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