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PHARMA - March 2018

Learning Objectives

  • Be more familiar with how OCT-Angiography works
  • Utilise OCT-Angiography in the diagnosis of various eye diseases/conditions and use the results of OCT-Angiography to make appropriate alterations to the therapeutic medication management of patients
  • Understand some of the challenges faced when prescribing topical medications for patients diagnosed with open angle glaucoma
  • Understand how SLT works and the viability of SLT as a first-line treatment option in open angle glaucoma and how this might negate the need for therapeutic medication management for some patients
  • Understand the mechanism whereby corticosteroid use can cause an increase in IOP and, as such, is an important risk factor in the development of open angle glaucoma
  • Be more familiar with the various risk factors and epidemiology of POAG
  • Understand that sleepapnoea has been linked to various ocular diseases, in particular its effect on IOP and its role in glaucoma
  • Understand when monotherapy may and may not be adequate and when fixed-drop combination therapy might be a better therapeutic medication management option for certain patients
  • Be more familiar with the aetiology of and management approaches to infantile nystagmus syndrome
  • Understand the importance of visual field assessment and how to analyse results such that appropriate therapeutic medication management decisions can be made
  • Be more familiar with the diagnosis and treatment of floaters

Max CPD hours awarded: 4.5

Session Information

PHARMA - March 2018
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