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Assessment, attendance & feedback

Assessment guidelines

You do not have to include assessment questions with any CPD event you run, however if you do choose to have assessment you must include a copy of all assessment questions in the initial accreditation application.

Tip: Multiple-choice questions (MCQ) are preferred and each question must have four answer choices.

Assessment is optional for delegates who attend the course and those who do not complete assessment or don’t achieve the 70% pass rate should be allocated reduced CPD points.

It is easier to provide an accredited activity without assessment.

How to submit an Attendance List

  1. Once the activity has run, attendance must be submitted. Login to the Provider Portal, select Download Template, and fill in the required columns.
  2. If there was an assessment, enter Y if the attendee received a pass rate of 70% or more or N if they did not, or if there was no assessment. If the attendee’s member number is not listed, the attendee will not receive their points. This number is a unique identifier and is the only way for Eye on CPD to record CPD points. Note: Activities classified as ‘workshops’ receive an N in this column.
  3. Save the list and select Import CPD to the left of the activity name, upload the attendance list and validate entries ensuring that the notes column is blank. If there are errors, action them and re-upload, then press Submit.
  4. Multiple uploads can be made for additional/missing attendees.

Feedback surveys for attendees

The OBA CPD Activity Feedback Form is available for download. CPD providers can use this form as is or edit it as they see fit.

Alternatively, providers can also create their own form (paper or online). Accredited activities must support and encourage participants to reflect upon their learning experience and apply it to practice. A feedback form must include two questions, as specified by the OBA CPD Provider Manual, section A8:

  1. Does optometrist believe the activity was aligned with stated learning objectives of the activity?
  2. How has activity met the optometrist’s own learning needs?

Please note

In case of random audit by an external auditor, you MUST keep and store ALL educational content/information for a minimum of two years i.e.:

  • copies of any presentations used
  • copies of completed feedback surveys
  • completed AND marked MCQ assessment forms.

Questions? Contact our Eye on CPD team at or call 1800 393 273.

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