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CPD provider FAQs

Can I run a 30-minute CPD activity?

No, there is a minimum requirement of 60 minutes per activity. This includes lectures, videos etc.

How many points will my activity attract?

Duration (minutes)Face to face
(no assessment)
Face to face (with assessment)
or hands-on workshop
Independent learning
(no assessment)
Independent learning
(with assessment)
Less than 1500000
20–29 0.66610.3330.6660.333

What CPD activity attracts therapeutic ‘T’ points?

For activity to be eligible for therapeutic CPD points, the content needs to directly relate to ‘therapeutic medication management’ and/or ‘therapeutic medication prescribing’ and/or have an ‘impact on therapeutic medication prescribing’, within the current scope of practice of optometrists in Australia.

More information is available on the OBA website.

What kind of activity counts as a ‘workshop’?

As per table A1 of the CPD provider manual, practical, small-group workshops should have a presenter to optometrist ratio of no more than 1:20. Workshops must provide an intensive, hands-on learning experience for optometrists. E.g. a lacrimal lavage workshop where participants practice on real patients.  Please note, sessions that include the provision of a meal will not be considered a workshop.

I left an optometrist's name off the attendance list, what do I do?

If you have forgotten to include someone’s name on an attendance list, please email the attendance list template with the missing optometrist’s name and member number to Eye on CPD. If a member finds a discrepancy in their CPD records, they will be directed to you. The onus is on the Optometry Australia member and you to advise attendance correctly. Changes to a CPD attendance record will not occur without evidence from you.

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