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Optometry Board of Australia (OBA) has announced changes to CPD requirements that will take effect from 1 Dec 2020.

Please watch OBA chair Ian Bluntishs 25 min Q&A video hosted by Optometry Australias Simon Hanna ( 27 June 2020). Please note, between 1 Dec 2018 – 30 Nov 2020, you will still need to achieve 80 points. OBA’s new CPD requirements will not start until 1 Dec 2020. Your points will then be voided from 1 Dec 2020. Commencing 1 Dec 2020, CPD will change from a points system to an hours system.

What are the main changes?

(effective 1 December, 2020)

 Up to 30 November 2020 From 1 December 2020
CPD Cycle2 year cycle
1 year cycle
Minimum CPD required80 points20 (non-T) or 30 (T-endorsed)
Minimum Interactive* Units24 points of the 80 points face-to-face5 hours per year
Minimum units of clinical activities60 points of the 80 points15 hours (non-T) or 25 hours (T-endorsed)
Maximum non-scientific units20 points of the 80 points5 hours
Minimum therapeutic units40 points of the 80 points10 hours of the 30 hours (2 of these hours must be interactive)
Learning PlanRequiredRequired
Period of time evidence is required to be keptAt least the previous 2 completed registration periods5 years
CPR TrainingEvery 3 yearsEvery 3 years

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