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Optometry 2040 - Leading you to Leverage Disruption (Webcast)

Learning Objectives

  • Build strategic capability in optometrists & optometry leaders across Australia, enabling participants to be at the forefront of new strategic thinking to leverage disruption
  • Overview the thinking and tools required to leverage disruption, defined as the consequences, intended and unintended, of rapid (often exponential) change brought about by digital & physical technologies as well as non-technological change such as social unrest, economic uncertainty, political instability ecological transformation
  • Understand how to embed Strategy in Action (SiA) - a unique strategic framework designed by Resilient Futures specifically for agile thinking and action in fast-changing environments – within both the optometry profession and individual optometric practice
  • Understand the theory of strategy development, including having clear insight into disruption in all its forms, understanding current level of disruption readiness
  • Empower leadership capability in the optometry profession and to enable optometrists to act individually and as a collective to implement strategies which aim to pursue strategic opportunity and mitigate strategic risk

Max points awarded: 1.50

Session Information

Optometry 2040 - Leading you to Leverage Disruption
Activity Type
Non Clinical
Points for attending & Passing Assessment