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An evening of "therapeutics" with Dr. Lewis Lam

Date: 14/06/2021 (AEST)

Venue: The Novotel Surfers Paradise, QLD, 4217

Provider: Eye Specialist Institute

Contact: Cathy Hodgson, [E], [P] 0421643971

Learning Objectives

  • RETINA/UVEITIS: Form a differential diagnosis when faced with cases of inflammatory eye disease and understand the basis of treatment for Infectious vs Non-infectious cases
  • CATARACT: Learn about complications of cataract surgery, what to look out for post-operatively & how to treat these complications. Is this toxic anterior segment syndrome or is this endophthalmitis?
  • MACULAR OEDEMA: Learn about the different types of macular oedema and understand a step-ladder approach in escalating treatment, understanding that not all forms of macular oedema!
  • GLAUCOMA: Assess the risk of developing visual loss, and how to differentiate normal-tension glaucoma from a cerebral lesion. Ocular hypertension - do I need to treat now?
  • OPTIC NERVE DISEASES: Understand the management of optic neuropathy, side effects of treatment & interpretation of normal/swollen optic nerves to differentiate non-glaucomatous RNFL changes

Max CPD hours awarded: 2.25

Session Information

An evening of "therapeutics" with Dr. Lewis Lam
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