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OCT - Application, Interpretation, Management & Uveitis Cases

Available from: 1/12/2019

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Provider: Presmed Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Eliza Mcgann, [E], [P] 02 8507 6846

Learning Objectives

  • To know when an OCT is indicated in children
  • To understand the limitations of OCT in children
  • To interpret OCT findings in children
  • Appreciate how and when to use OCT in daily clinical practice
  • Be able to demonstrate to the patient how their ophthalmological disorder can be better assessed and managed by using OCT
  • To understand how diagnoses can be improved with OCT, especially when there is a question of localization of pathology to either the eye, the optic nerve, the orbit, or the brain.
  • Be able to recognise signs of inflammatory eye disease versus other conditions
  • Be able to recognize signs of inflammatory eye conditions in children
  • Be able to differentiate different signs and symptoms in medical retina presentations ie ARMD
  • Be able to understand prescribing of therapeutics in different ocular conditions
  • Role of Cataract surgery and how to do and manage cataract surgery in uveitic patients including kids
  • Role of glaucoma surgery in these patients (both adults and kids) how and what to do
  • To educate and learn about common uveitis conditions and to identify ocular signs

Max points awarded: 2.00

Session Information

OCT - Application, Interpretation, Management & Uveitis Cases
Activity Type
Independent Learning with Assessment
Points for attending & Passing Assessment