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CPD@home with Dr William Ward & Dr Kevin Chee

Optometry WA brings you the first of our Regional presenters for CPD online – OWA CPD@home via a Zoom webcast on Monday 3rd August at 6.30pm WA time featuring Dr William Ward & Dr Kevin Chee from the Mandurah Eye Centre.



6.30pm – 7.00pm – Dr William Ward presents on The Technology of OCT & its Clinical Application.
Learning Objectives

  • History and development of OCT
  • Uses in ophthalmology
  • Some commoner and less common clinical situations

7.00pm – 7.30pm – Dr Kevin Chee presents on Neuro-ophthalmic Conditions that may present to Optometry
Learning Objectives

  • Maintain a high index of suspicion for GCA in elderly patients who present with amaurosis fugax, diplopia, and acute vision loss.
  • Recognise the significance of pupil involvement in third nerve palsy.
  • Refer the patient urgently (same day) for investigation/treatment if GCA or pupil-involving third nerve palsy is suspected.    Max points awarded: 2.00 Face to Face without Assessment

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CPD Sponsor: Novartis P

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Novartis are regular and long term supporters or Optometry WA CPD events and bring us the likes of Dr Chandra Balaratnasingam, Dr Dimitri Yellachich & Dr Chris Kennedy to our metro CPD evenings.