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Understanding Systemic Diseases

Available from: 1/12/2019

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Provider: Presmed Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Eliza Mcgann, [E], [P] 02 8507 6846

Learning Objectives

  • To allow the Clinical Optometrist to achieve an excellent directed history, which will allow for a diagnosis and appropriate further management and possible referral.
  • To teach FTC and Pupil examination and assessment
  • To understand how Giant cell arteritis may manifest and associated findings
  • To understand how Graves disease affects the eye
  • To understand how myasthenia gravis can affect the eye
  • To learn more about sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, syphilis, Wegeners and IgG4 inflammatory diseases
  • To learn how rheumatoid, psoriatic and HLAB27 arthritides can affect the eye
  • To appreciate the many ways that syphilis can affect the eye
  • To understand how syphilis is diagnosed and how it is managed
  • Become familiar with the urgent and long-term management of these conditions
  • Be aware of effects of prostaglandins

Max points awarded: 2.00

Session Information

Understanding Systemic Diseases
Activity Type
Independent Learning with Assessment
Points for attending & Passing Assessment