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Optometry Australia launches Optometry 2040

Optometry Australia today announced that it has launched a significant new initiative aimed at identifying likely and preferred futures for optometry, optometrists, and community eye health.


Fewer non-urgent eye health presentations in emergency as eye health messages start to resonate

A review of emergency department presentations across Australia in 2016-2017 reveals that almost 120,000 people presented for eye conditions, of which just over 19,640 were considered non-urgent.

Download fewer_non-urgent_eye_health_presentations_in_emergency.pdf

Thousands of children will be disadvantaged by vision problems

Thousands of children will be immediately disadvantaged in 2018 as they start, or return to school, because they simply cannot see properly.


Optometry Australia joins Silmo Sydney 2018 as principal partner

Optometry Australia announced today that it will become a principal partner of Silmo Sydney 2018.


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