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Listen to the people Mr Turnbull! Eyecare is at risk without a rebate increase

For the six million Australians who will have eye examinations in 2017, the Medicare rebate that they will receive will be less than they would have received in 2012, unless action is taken now to remove the freeze on indexation of optometry services.

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Why wearing sunglasses in autumn and winter is just as important as summer

A new video, released in time for autumn and winter, has been produced by Optometry Australia with the aim of reminding Australians of the importance of protecting their eyes all year round.


Optometrists combat ‘sneaky’ sight-stealing disease

Glaucoma is one of the “sneaky” conditions that can go undetected without a check-up until it is too late.

Download glaucoma_week_15_march_2017.pdf

Optometry Australia welcomes strongest indication Medicare freeze could be lifted

Australia’s 5,000 optometrists have welcomed the news that the Turnbull Government is considering reviewing the Medicare rebate freeze ahead of the May Budget.