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Campaign overview

Optometry Australia has seized the significant opportunity presented by the year 2020 to raise consumer awareness around the subject of eye health.

Our aim is to unite the eye health sector behind the ‘2020: Year of good vision for life’ theme so that we can deliver a consistent, united and powerful message to all Australians about eye health management and the need to see an optometrist regularly throughout life.

We are focused on rallying the sector to ramp up consumer awareness and we have developed – and will continue to develop – tools to make it easy to do so throughout the year.

See details of campaign elements here, a page that will continue to expand over the coming weeks and months.

Get into it, and help us make 2020 the year of good vision for life!

Campaign badge for your use

We have created everything you’ll need to support the ‘2020: The year of good vision for life’ campaign.

Click on the image below to find many and varied versions of the badge available for your use.

#LookCloser social campaign

To coincide with the release of the 2020 Vision Index Report in January 2020 (see below), we will be kicking off a wave of social media activity which encourages all Australians to have their eyes examined by an optometrist, and raises awareness of eye health.

We will work with social media influencers across a breadth of interest areas, and invite whole-of-sector participation to encourage as many people as we can to take part.

The #LookCloser campaign message will be shared simply, with close-up imagery of eyes, encouraging people to visit an optometrist for an eye examination. Optometry Australia will compile all entrants between the dates of 20 January through 9 February 2020 and gift the top ten entrants with a $250 voucher at their chosen optometrist, found on Good vision for life.

2020 Vision Index Report

In November 2019 we commissioned research to survey Australians about their approach to eye health and their attitudes and habits with regard to their eyes. The resulting report will cover many topics such as glasses, contact lenses, eye conditions, disease, nutrition, workplace, driving, sport and digital behaviour.

We will use the data to develop a range of media and consumer-friendly talking points to share with you for your own marketing efforts.

The report will be launched to Australian media in January 2020, and stay tuned as we release consumer-friendly bites from this report over the coming months for your own use.

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