Episode 6 – Seven things I wish I’d known before I started practice

Have you ever been asked on a date by a patient? Or struggled with what to do when there’s conflict between the divorced parents of your child patient?  Paula Katalinic talks to Andrew McKinnon and Audrey Molloy about the things she wishes she’d known as an early career optometrist.


Episode 3 – Taking a career break

If you’re on a break from your optometry career, this post is ESSENTIAL reading. Optometry NSW/ACT presents the KEY information you need to avoid the pitfalls of discontinued registration or inadequate professional indemnity insurance. Log in to access the podcast.

Episode 4 – Seven crucial steps to starting out in optometry

If you’re just about to start work as an optometrist in Australia, now is the time to get organised. Andrew McKinnon and Paula Katalinic of Optometry NSW/ACT share their vast knowledge on the process of transitioning from a final year student to new graduate practicing optometrist. Log in to access the podcast.









Episode 5 – The first 90 days

If you’ve just graduated as an optometrist, you’re about to embark on one of the steepest learning curves of your life. There are all sorts of traps an early-career optometrist can fall into and we’ve put this resource together to help you avoid them as much as possible.  Log in to access the podcast.







Episode 6 – What I wish I’d known before I started practice

Particularly useful for recent graduates, this episode looks at strategies to handle tricky scenarios you will encounter in practice, from social media protocols to unwelcome advances.

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