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Confused about how to write a reflection in your CPD Learning Plan?

This quick guide shows you how!

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Still not sure about how to access your Optometry Australia CPD Learning Plan?

Follow our simple steps!

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Confused about logging ‘interactive hours’ in your CPD Learning Plan?

Unsure what qualifies as ‘interactive’ and where you might access this kind of CPD?

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Starting Out – a resource for optometrists beginning their careers in Australia.

Are you just starting work as an optometrist in NSW or ACT? If so, you’ll love our eBook, which we’ve put together to support you step-by-step through the transition into your new career.

This eBook covers the 7 crucial steps to gaining registration, setting up a Medicare provider number and PBS prescriber number etc. Available to download free for members. Log in to access content.





The FIRST 90 DAYS – a resource for early career optometrists.

Are you a recent grad and feeling a little overwhelmed? If so, this resource is just what you need!

Discover how to build confidence and rapport with your patients as well as how to avoid the common pitfalls of being an early career optometrist – from common prescribing errors to clinical record keeping.  Log in to access content.






BILLING with CONFIDENCE – common Medicare billing myths and how to avoid them.

medicare billing with confidence

Confused about what to bill and when? Correct billing of Medicare item numbers can be a source of anxiety for optometrists, especially as audit is on the increase.

With a thorough understanding of what to bill and when, you can relax in the knowledge that you have done everything right. Log in to access content.





Log in to access the full 2019 Presidential Address from Luke Cahill, as well as the 2019 Financial Report.

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