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Transport and Vision Standards

Optometry Australia’s Transport and Vision Standards Advisory Group provides expert advice and guidance related to vision standards for driving, aviation, rail, maritime and other transport occupations. This includes (but is not limited to) advising on areas such as vision rehabilitation, ocular motility, colour vision, visual fields, contrast sensitivity, illumination and optics.

This advisory group guides Optometry Australia in identifying key issues and opportunities, and assists in the development of policy positions to be taken to government or stakeholders such as the National Transport Commission and licensing authorities. The advisory group also supports our members with complex professional or clinical issues related to assessing fitness to drive and other transport vision standards.


The current term of this advisory group runs from July 2020 to June 2022. This expert group comprises of academics and optometrists from across Australia. Its members are:

  • Amanda Douglass
  • Tony Gibson
  • Vanessa Honson
  • Jennifer Long (till Feb 2022)
  • Josiah Murphy
  • Neil Murray
  • Sharon Oberstein
  • Ho Wah Ng
  • Joanne Wood

Further information

Please contact the Optometry Australia Member Support and Optometry Advancement team at or (03) 9668 8500.

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