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Clinical Opthalmology Workshops

Date: 17/10/2019

Venue: Suite 3, 10-12 South Street Forster, NSW, 2428

Provider: Glaukos Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Aaron Williams, [E], [P] 0455559521

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding surgical techniques regarding cataract, glaucoma and foreign body removals
  • Understanding the clinical instruments for cornea, anterior chamber, glaucoma and retina testing. Having a hands on demonstration and analysis of interpreting the results.
  • Indications and uses of Laser treatments in the clinical setting. What results to expect and discuss with patients.
  • Suturing Station: Discuss the finer points of suturing in theatre, focusing on removal of foreign bodies in the eye utilising hands on skills with porcine eyes.
  • Phacoemulsifacation Station: Discuss and demonstrate the phacoemulsification machine and how it is used in theatre removing cataracts
  • Phacoemulsifacation Station: Discuss techniques used for cataract removal followed by a hands on by optometrists using demonstration eyes
  • iStent Station: Demonstration of implantation of iStent in a model eye
  • iStent Station: Discussing the surgical outcomes of the device and clinical papers
  • OCT/OCT Angiography Station: Imaging discussion and how to interpret the results
  • Corneal Topography Station: Imaging technologies and interpretation of results
  • Argon Laser Station: Discussion on laser technology, thermal burns and the use of the laser treatment and results
  • YAG Laser Station: Uses of the YAG laser and how it differs to Argon laser
  • YAG Laser Station: Discussion of treatments with capsulotomy and peripheral iridotomy
  • YAG Laser Station: Also discussing SLT indications for use and clinical results
  • Visual Fields Station: Discussions on visual fields and why patients dislike having them performed
  • Visual Fields Station: Looking at charts and discussing interpretations of results

Max points awarded: 6.00

Session Information

Ophthalmology clinical workshop including stations on: Cataract, Glaucoma, foreign body removal techniques, clinical testing with OCT, Visual fields and treatments using YAG and Argon Lasers.
Activity Type
Face to Face Small Workshop
Points for attending & Passing Assessment