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Gippsland Eye Centre Virtual Optometrist Education

Date: 12/05/2021 (AEST)

Venue: Gippsland Eye Centre Virtual Optom Evening , VIC, 3818

Provider: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Australia - NSW Sponsor

Contact: Sarah Bell, [E], [P] 0432765239

Learning Objectives

  • Improve their assessment & diagnostic accuracy of OCT images in challenging cases. Reduce confounding effects and artefacts in image capturing
  • Improve progression analysis of OCT retinal never finer layer, ganglion cell complex, and Bruch’s membrane opening
  • Identify how to improve their assessment & how to understand new techniques of OCT for assessment of papilledema
  • Understand new terminology for structures seen on OCT in the assessment of papilloedema & when to follow up and refer such patients
  • Improve their assessment of identifying factors & causes of visual impairment in a range of retinal conditions
  • Identify clinical signs of vision-threatening retinal diseases. Learn about the treatment options available for these retinal conditions

Max CPD hours awarded: 2.25

Session Information

OCT and Glaucoma/Role of OCT in suspected Papilledema/Retina Cases
Duration of CPD Session/Module
Duration of CPD Session/Module inclusive of Assessment Component