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Glaucoma Management and Corneal Failure

Available from: 19/03/2019

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Provider: Presmed Australia Pty Ltd

Contact: Eliza Mcgann, [E], [P] 02 8507 6846

Learning Objectives

  • • To understand the safety and efficacy of istent inject combined with cataract surgery in a large cohort of Australian patients with 12 months follow- up
  • • To know the indications/ side effects of intraocular pressure lowering meds.
  • • To understand the interactions with other medications/ health problems.
  • • To describe 3 cases which highlight the importance of a complete assessment which could have resulted in earlier treatment which would have avoided a poor outcome and also a less complicated course.
  • • Recognising the signs and symptoms of bullous keratopathy
  • • Formulating a relevant differential diagnosis of bullous keratopathy
  • • Understanding the hierarchy of treatment options for bullous keratopathy

Max points awarded: 2.00

Session Information

Glaucoma Management & Corneal Failure
Activity Type
Independent Learning with Assessment
Points for attending & Passing Assessment

NameActivity TypeTherapeutic?Manufacturer/
Points for attending &
Passing Assessment
Glaucoma Management & Corneal FailureIndependent Learning with AssessmentYesNo2.00