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Impact of Vision Loss on Daily Life

Date: 9/09/2020

Venue: Online, NSW, 2000

Provider: Vision Australia

Contact: Nabill Jacob, [E], [P] 0407003315

Learning Objectives

  • • Understand common eye conditions causing vision loss and their impact on vision
  • • Understand the impact of vision loss on daily living activities and supportive strategies
  • • Learn about how adaptive technology can assist people with vision loss to complete daily tasks safely and more efficiently, and how to access information more easily.
  • • Learn about the impact of vision loss on moving around safely and independently
  • • Identify when, why and how to refer your patients to Vision Australia’s specialist services.

Max points awarded: 2.00

Session Information

Impact of Low Vision on Daily Life
Activity Type
Face to Face without Assessment
Points for attending & Passing Assessment