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OCT Masterclass

Date: 27/06/2020

Venue: Optometry Virtually Connected, Australia

Provider: OA National Provider

Contact: Optometry Australia OA Provider, [E], [P] 96688550

Learning Objectives

  • Identify OCT findings in the macula and systemically work through the differential diagnosis of the underlying disease process
  • Identify OCT biomarkers in diseases such as age-related macula degeneration, pachychoroid spectrum disease and macular telangiectasia
  • Understand how different disease processes can affect different layers of retina and choroid and their OCT manifestations
  • Fully integrate OCT into everyday practice and use it to guide decision making and facilitate better patient outcomes

Max points awarded: 3.00

Session Information

OCT Masterclass
Activity Type
Face to Face with Assessment
Points for attending & Passing Assessment