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SCC Webinar - Paediatrics in a busy practice

Date: 26/08/2020

Venue: Webinar - Specsavers, 520 Graham Street, Port Melbourne, VIC, 3207

Provider: Specsavers Pty Ltd

Contact: Katie Cherry, [E], [P] (03) 8532 8510

Learning Objectives

  • To review causes of strabismus, including refractive and neurological causes, and understand the clinical presentations of these causes.
  • To be able to synthesise history, signs and symptoms to form comprehensive strabismus management plans to achieve optimum functional vision for strabismus patients.
  • To be able to differentiate between ocular nerve pathologies and physiological appearances in children
  • To understand symptoms and findings that necessitate urgent referral to a specialist

Max points awarded: 3.00

Session Information

1. Managing Strabismus 2. Evaluating the optic nerve in kids
Activity Type
Face to Face with Assessment
Points for attending & Passing Assessment