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(Take the) Pressure Down: Glaucoma Assessment & Treatment

Date: 8/07/2020

Venue: Suite 2, Ground Level, 99 Bathurst Street, TAS, 7000

Provider: Optometry Tas

Contact: Jonathan Jones, [E], [P] (03) 6224 3360

Learning Objectives

  • • New developments in: o Angle assessment o Visual fields o OCT imaging
  • • Drug treatment: o Therapeutic options o Recognition of side effects
  • • Non-pharmaceutical treatment options
  • • Floppy eyelid syndrome – aetiology, systemic associations, management, role of surgery
  • • I noticed the second eye cataract surgery more than the first, did you do something different? Refresher on topical anaesthesia options – speed of action, duration and toxicity
  • • I want to reverse my intended myopia after cataract surgery – the saviour Sulcoflex! – to be aware of the Sulcoflex as an option after cataract surgery, general discussion on Sulcus IOLs

Max points awarded: 4.50

Session Information

(Take the) Pressure Down: Glaucoma Assessment & Treatment & Case Presenations
Activity Type
Face to Face with Assessment
Points for attending & Passing Assessment