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Testing Under Tens: It’s In the Way That You Do It

Available from: 11/12/2019

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Provider: Luxottica Institute of Learning

Contact: Nikki Byrne, [E], [P] 02 8336 8616

Learning Objectives

  • The participant will be able to ask an effective history for a child and know the extra questions that are relevant to ask.
  • The participant will know how to adjust their manner and communicate effectively with a child of different ages and know what is appropriate behaviour with various aged children.
  • The participant will know how to prioritise an examination on a child and how the correct sequencing of tests will elicit the most co-operation.
  • The participant will understand which acuity testing techniques are suitable for which age groups and also know the expected age norms for the tests.
  • Understand the subjective and objective tests, and when examining children the objective tests are the ones that should be relied upon.
  • Understand the different sensory tests that you can use to establish the level of binocularity in a child and what the expected results are.
  • Understand the importance of eye movement assessment in a child, how to engage them in a test, and some common eye movement disorders to be aware of.
  • To understand the objective assessment of accommodation in a child and conditions that commonly exhibit reduced levels of accommodation.
  • Understand the reasoning behind when to perform a cycloplegic refraction, the drops to use and the common side effects from them.
  • Understand the reason behind removing extra plus power from a cycloplegic refraction, how it varies depending on the type of drug used, and the errors that can occur.
  • Understand how using refractive technology can aid in your examination, and potential errors that can occur
  • Understand techniques to provide ocular health examination in children and some conditions that affect a child’s eyes that we should be screening for.

Max points awarded: 4.00

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Testing Under Tens: It’s In the Way That You Do It
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Independent Learning with Assessment
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