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The Importance of Autofluorescence

Date: 20/07/2021 (ACST)

Venue: (Virtual/Online) 10 Myer Court, South Australia, SA, 5009

Provider: Optos Australia

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Contact: Kim Rainsford, [E], [P] 08 8444 6503

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the difference between a structural image of the retina and a functionality image of the retina
  • Understand the importance of carrying out AF imaging in order not to miss early metabolic changes within the retina
  • Understand the microstructure of the RPE
  • Understand the essential part the RPE plays in normal metabolic activity to allow the retina to function normally
  • Understand the role lipofuscin plays in retinal metabolism and how to interpret the findings due to its presence
  • Understand and interpret autofluorescent images of normal and abnormal retinas
  • Recognise different retinal conditions associated with hyperfluorescence within the retina
  • Interpret the different signs obtained from structural and functionality images and understand the significance of the two information streams
  • Understand the importance of AF imaging, how it may allow the clinician to intervene & treat retinal conditions at an earlier stage to prevent sight loss and potentially reverse early retinal damage
  • Collate information obtained from the images and make competent decisions to influence the outcomes for the patient
  • Make competent clinical around whether to refer or monitor a patient who shows signs of retinal metabolic change
  • Discuss with competence the findings from the imaging session with the patient
  • Give good advice on lifestyle matters such as stopping smoking, lifestyle alterations, obesity management, dietary inclusions to establish the best metabolic environment for sustained retinal function

Max CPD hours awarded: 1

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The Importance of Autofluorescence
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