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Undertaking Your Own CPD Activities

From 1 December 2020, as part of your CPD learning plan, you have the option of entering your own CPD activities that have not been quality assured by Optometry Australia. It is up to you whether you’d like to partake in quality assured CPD or your own activities. Some optometrists undertake only quality assured activities, some do a combination of both.

It remains the responsibility of the optometrist to accurately record the time taken for the completion of their own CPD activities.

Note: CPD that has been officially quality assured by us is much easier for you, for a number of reasons.

Quality Assured CPDYour Own CPD Activities
Optometry Australia quality assures CPD events that are promoted through its Institute of Excellence, assigning CPD hours to each activity.

Quality assurance ensures that all activities promoted are of high quality and sure to meet the educational needs of all practitioners.
Overseas conferences, or when a training provider does not apply for Optometry Australia’s quality assurance.

Any independent learning you do that does not go through our official quality assurance. E.g. reading journal articles, case reviews with peers, preparation time for presentations
CPD hours are automatically recorded in your individual portfolios on our website under ‘My CPD Learning Plan’.

CPD hours are officially recorded on your CPD Record and CPD audit certificate.
You are responsible for:

1. Recording and assigning your own CPD hours based on time spent undertaking the activity.
Non-accredited hours can be recorded as in your CPD Learning Plan under “My Own Activities”.

2. Keeping all evidence of completion of the activities (e.g. receipts, overseas conference programs, certificate of attendance) in preparation of an AHPRA audit.

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