Become a Good vision for life media ambassador

Optometry Australia is committed to promoting optometry and optometrists and educating Australians about their eye health and the importance of seeing an optometrist on a regular basis.

We drive this objective in several ways. One is via our Good vision for life consumer campaign where we encourage Australians to go to to explore information on their eyes and make an appointment with an optometrist.

To help us to continue to generate engaging and informative content in the media via our Good vision for life campaign, Optometry Australia is open to working with a select group of members from around the country who can participate in media opportunities by providing expert commentary on a range of eye health topics.

We also want to work more closely with you to share any interesting patient case studies that you might have and indicate their potential for media profiling.

Your involvement

As a Good vision for life media ambassador you may be required to take part in media interviews specific to your area of expertise, as well as interviews with our internal team responsible for writing articles for the Good vision for life blog.

For media interviews, detailed briefing documents will be provided to ensure you are comfortable and confident in responding to reporters’ questions.

Depending on the medium (print, radio, television or online), media interviews typically take between 15 to 30 minutes. Where possible Optometry Australia will coordinate interviews to suit your schedule to minimise any inconvenience.

For Good vision for life blog articles, your input can be shared via email or over the phone, with commentary for this channel likely to take no longer than 10 to 20 minutes.

Your patients’ involvement

Optometry Australia often receives requests from the Australian media looking for patient case studies to feature in reporting.

Case studies are used in media coverage to share a range of perspectives, humanise an issue, and provide unbiased commentary. Optometry Australia would like to hear if you would be open to being contacted when media requests for case studies are received. Please note, patient confidentiality would be upheld until consent is received to share personal details with third party reporters.

Interested in helping out and want to get involved? Please complete the member engagement form. Once complete, return to us at

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