Received a formal complaint?

If you have received a formal complaint (e.g. from AHPRA, a solicitor or a patient), and you’re unsure how to proceed, please contact our Optometry Advisor Help Desk. Our expert team of optometrists are happy to assist you with confidential and complimentary advice. If required, we will advise you to contact your professional indemnity insurer (AVANT) directly.

Call us: (03) 9668 8500
Email us:

Alternatively, you can contact the AVANT team directly for confidential and complimentary advice. Please quote your Optometry Australia member number.

AVANT hotline for Optometry Australia members
Tel: 1800 128 268
This is a complimentary and confidential hotline.
Download AVANT incident notification form

AHPRA has also released a video on this subject which might assist in answering FAQ on regulatory notifications.

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