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Optometry, a rewarding career

Optometry is an extremely rewarding career choice that we encourage you to consider. We believe that a career in optometry and the vision sciences will provide you with immense satisfaction as you play a key role in helping individuals and communities to protect and care for their eyes and vision.

What happens in an eye examination?

Your patients will benefit from your ability to prevent, detect and manage eye diseases that may lead to vision difficulties and even blindness. You will also correct vision by prescribing glasses and contact lenses.

If you are considering a career in optometry you will be required to complete a university degree over a 3.5–7-year duration, depending on the university you’re enrolled in.

Once you graduate there are many paths that you can take. You could:

  • work in an independent practice or in a larger corporation
  • take the opportunity to work in hospitals or community health centres
  • choose to work with Indigenous communities in rural and regional centres
  • try working, studying or volunteering overseas
  • participate in local and international eye outreach programs
  • follow your passion into research or academia
  • or own your own optometry business.

If you:

  • have a social and friendly personality
  • have a genuine desire to help others
  • can demonstrate strong communication and academic skills
  • possess the motivation to want to continually learn

you could make a wonderful optometrist and we would welcome you to our profession.


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