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Optometry Australia’s plan to inundate federal politicians with thousands of messages

With an election imminent, Optometry Australia has launched its election campaign by calling for all sides of government to support its vision for a sustainable and effective eye care system accessible to all Australians.


Screen time leading to dry eyes in children

Everyone’s glued to their screens nowadays – phones, computers, iPads, laptops – but none more than our children who are being brought up in the digital age.


Call for strategic focus for Aussie eye health

A relatively modest but strategically-directed Federal Government investment will result in better vision and eye health for Australians, said the CEO of Optometry Australia Lyn Brodie today.

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Parents advised to give their kids an exam before school starts

Australian kids are being urged to sit their first exam before the holidays are over to ensure they start school on equal footing.


New Clinical Editor of Pharma announced

Optometry Australia has announced that Kerryn Hart has been appointed Clinical Editor of Pharma, Australia’s leading magazine in therapeutic optometry research and application.

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Australian Women Research Pioneers – Clinical and Experimental Optometry nominates published luminaries

Australian women research pioneers in optometry, who have had published papers in Clinical and Experimental Optometry have been celebrated in a special virtual issue of this leading peer-reviewed journal.

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