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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors governs the organisation and has overall responsibility for driving its mission and strategic plan, developed through a process of consultation with the state organisations.

The board is the ultimate decision-making and policy-setting body. It is also responsible for the financial viability of the organisation ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, while providing guidance on operational planning.

The president and all other non-executive directors act in the best interests of the organisation and the membership as a whole.

More information about the Board of Directors and its responsibilities to members is available in Optometry Australia’s constitution.

CEO Office

The CEO office function includes the overall management and responsibility of our team at Optometry Australia, setting the strategic direction for the organisation, fostering relationships, leading national advocacy, driving the continued development of the profession and attending to secretarial functions for the national board.

Member Support & Optometry Advancement

Optometry Australia’s Member Support and Optometry Advancement team supports members in the practice of optometry through individual professional support, provision of quality continuing professional development opportunities and the development of evidence-based clinical guidelines and standards for practice. We also lead the advancement of the profession through a strong policy platform, effective advocacy and innovative projects. We engage members as key informants of our policy and advocacy initiatives and are responsive to members’ needs.

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications team enhances Optometry Australia’s brand via activities that promote Optometry Australia and sector initiatives, as well as the role of optometrists, to consumers. We manage our member communications, social media presence and media profiling, and oversee the production of our flagship publications, Pharma, Equipment and Clinical and Experimental Optometry. Our team also delivers the highly successful Good vision for life consumer awareness campaign.


The Operations team facilitates the day-to-day operations of Optometry Australia including finance, human resources, administration and facilities management.

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