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Dreaded D.E.D & Terrible T.E.D - Pearls of Wisdom on Diabetic Eye Disease & Thyroid Eye Disease

Date: 20/10/2021 (AEST)

Venue: Ground Floor, Boundary Court(Blue Wing), 55 Little Edward St, Spring Hill , QLD, 4000

Provider: Queensland Eye & Retina Specialists

Contact: Emi Cheng, [E], [P] (07) 3555 5960

Learning Objectives

  • Classify Diabetic Eye Disease
  • Describe the best co-management protocol for NPDR
  • Explain the impact of newer imaging technologies on the treatment of DED.
  • Implement techniques for co-management of DED with ophthalmology colleagues
  • Recognise red flags for poor future prognosis & explain how to intervene
  • Differentiate and characterise different therapeutic, laser and surgical approaches for management of PDR
  • Identify the early characteristics of possible undiagnosed thyroid disease
  • Discriminate between different drug types for treatment of systemic thyroid disease
  • Outline an inventory of the main tests involved in a clinical examination of a patient with Thyroid Eye Disease
  • Employ an appropriate plan for co- management of TED with GP, endocrinology, and ophthalmology colleagues
  • Argue the comparative benefits of oral or intravenous steroids in the management of TED
  • Describe patient factors involved in orbital radiation as a treatment for TED
  • Theorize the affect that use of biologic therapies and new immunomodulator drugs would have in early TED
  • Discuss different types of surgical intervention in TED and selection criteria
  • Relate important information regarding management of thyroid eye disease to patients

Max CPD hours awarded: 3.75

Session Information

Thyroid Eye Disease & Diabetic Eye Disease
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Duration of CPD Session/Module inclusive of Assessment Component