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Eye360 Webinar Series No. 3

Date: 1/09/2020

Venue: Zoom webinar, VIC, 3004

Provider: Vision Eye Institute - Melbourne

Contact: Nicole Moore, [E], [P] 0487517189

Learning Objectives

  • To gain a better understanding of the peri-operative and post-operative care of cataract patients with a high risk visually significant post-operative macular oedema, using case examples. This includes understanding which management option is best, with discussion of topical, oral and intravitreal options.
  • To understand the relationship between cataract surgery and intraocular pressure,
  • To understand the surgical options for glaucoma patients undergoing cataract surgery
  • To understand intraocular lens options in glaucoma patients undergoing cataract surgery, to better counsel and understand visual implications and outcomes
  • Understand how to use OCT printouts to differentiate Glaucoma from a potentially fatal condition
  • To use the ganglion cell layer readouts to diagnose neurological conditions
  • Discuss specialised ophthalmic instruments in cataract surgery which make challenging cases safer.

Max points awarded: 3.00

Session Information

Eye360 Webinar series No.3: the cataract patient with concomitant pathologies
Activity Type
Face to Face with Assessment
Points for attending & Passing Assessment