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Vision Eye Institute Eye360 Webinar series No.2

Date: 25/08/2020

Venue: Online Webinar Victoria, VIC, 3004

Provider: Vision Eye Institute - Melbourne

Contact: Nicole Moore, [E], [P] 0487517189

Learning Objectives

  • To know how to devise a systematic approach for evaluation and diagnosis of red eye.
  • To know how to recognise the red flags in red eye which need urgent attention.
  • to understand how to implement the main important management principles of red eye.
  • To appreciate and understand how to manage the Ocular Surface and counsel appropriately the correct choice of IOL for the given patient.
  • To understand with dual or triple pathology patients, to prioritise management of these, to optimise the final refractive outcome for the patient.
  • PAC Preferred Practice Pattern (PPP) Guidelines and classification for glaucoma
  • To understand and implement optimal management of primary angle glaucoma principles
  • To recognise and triage of chorioretinal lesions for referral.
  • Obtain an understanding and classification of inflammatory chorioretinopathies
  • Overview of treatment and management of inflammatory chorioretinopathies and its complications.
  • Treatment considerations in the management of retinal disease in pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Max points awarded: 4.50

Session Information

Vision Eye Institute Eye360 series No. 2
Activity Type
Face to Face with Assessment
Points for attending & Passing Assessment