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National standards

Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFCA)

Medical guidelines for firefighters

Australian Defence Force

Vision standard – The vision standards for ADF are complex, due to the wide range of occupations that exist within the Army, Navy and Air Force.

Australian Federal Police

Vision standard

Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)

Classes of medical certificates (1,2 & 3)
CASA Vision Standards

Disability Pension (on basis of legal blindness)

Request for ophthalmologist/optometrist report form


There are currently no vision standards for electricians in Australia however individual employers may have their own requirements and often require normal colour vision. It is recommended that prospective electricians be advised of this potential difficulty as early as possible if they are colour vision deficient.

Rail Safety Workers (e.g. train and tram drivers)

National Standard for Health Assessment of Rail Safety Workers (Chapter 19.2)
Note: The positional cues of traffic lights for tram drivers (similar to vehicle drivers) mean that colour vision is not a medical requirement for tram drivers.

State-specific standards


Victoria Police

Western Australia

Western Australia Police
Please note that the WA Police Force does not test for colour blindness



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